SQL Operator

What is operator

Operators are used to manipulate individual data items and data sets.

 These data items are called operands or arguments.

Operators are represented by special characters or

by keywords. For example, multiplication is represented by

an asterisk (*) and division is represented by a slash (/).

SQL Operator Descriptions

SQL Arithmetic Operators Operator Description

1. + Add Subtract

2. Multiply

4./ Divide


3. *

SQL Bitwise Operators Operator Description

1.& Bitwise AND

2.1 Bitwise OR

3. A Bitwise exclusive OR

SQL Comparison Operators

1. Equal to

2. Greater than

3.< Less than

4. = Greater than or equal to

5. <=Less than or equal to

6. <>Not equal to

SQL Compound Operators Operator Description

1.+ Add equals


3. *


5.% Modulo equals

6.& Bitwise AND equals

7. A-= Bitwise exclusive equals-

8.*= Bitwise OR equals Subtract equals Multiply equals Divide equals

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