➢  Kubernetes is an open-source container management tool which automates container deployment, container scaling and load balancing.

➢  It schedules, runs and manages isolated containers which are running on virtual/ physical/ cloud machines.

➢  All top cloud providers support Kubernetes.


➢ Google developed an internal system called ‘borg’ (later named as omega) to deploy and manage thousands of google applications and services on their cluster.

➢In 2014, google introduced Kubernetes as an open-source platform written in Golang and later donated to CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation).

Online platform for K8s:

  • Kubernetes playground
  • Play with K8s
  • Play with Kubernetes classroom

Cloud-based K8s services:

  1. GKE: Google Kubernetes Services
  2. AKS: Azure Kubernetes services
  3. Amazon EKS: Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes installation tool:

  1. Minicube
  2. Kubeadm

Problems with scaling up the containers:

➢ Containers cannot communicate with each other.

➢ Autoscaling and load balancing was not possible.

➢ Containers had to be managed carefully.

Features of Kubernetes:

➢ Orchestration (clustering of any number of containers running on different networks)

➢ Autoscaling (supports both horizontal and vertical scaling)

➢ Auto-healing

➢ Load balancing

➢ Platform independent (cloud/ virtual/ physical) ➢ Fault tolerance (node/ POD failure)

➢ Rollback (going back to the previous version)

➢ Health monitoring of containers

➢ Batch execution (one time, sequential, parallel)




Installation and cluster configuration

Complicated and time consuming

Fast and easy


K8s can work with almost all container types like rocket, docker, container

Work with docker only


GUI available

GUI not available

Data volumes

Only shared with containers in the same POD

Can be shared with any other containers

Update and rollback

Process scheduling to maintain services while updating

Progressive updates and service health monitoring throughout the update


Support vertical and horizontal autoscaling

Not support autoscaling
Logging and monitoring
Inbuilt tool present for monitoring

Used 3rd party tools like splunk

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