Briefly about Inventory Files & Hosts Patterns example

Inventory Files & Hosts Patterns

Ansible’s inventory lists all the platforms you want to automate across. Ansible can at a single instance work on multiple hosts in the

Setup & Hosts Connection

Follow the below steps to set hosts and then check their connection.

#Set up hosts by editing the hosts' file in the Ansible directory
$ sudo nano /etc/ansible/hosts
#To check the connection to hosts
#First change the directory to /etc/Ansible
$ cd /etc/ansible
#To check whether Ansible is connecting to hosts, use ping command
$ ansible –m ping <hosts>
#To check on servers individually
$ ansible -m ping server name
#To check a particular server group
$ ansible -m ping servergroupname

Ansible Hosts Patterns

all – All hosts in the inventory

* – All hosts in the inventory

ungrouped – All hosts in inventory not appearing within a group

10.0.0.* – All hosts with an IP starting 10.0.0.*

webservers – The group webservers

webservers:!moscow – Only hosts in webservers, not also in group Moscow

webservers:&moscow – Only hosts in the group’s webservers and Moscow

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