Interview for DevOps – Part -1

1) what is DevOps ?

– it’s a collaboration of Development as well as Operations.

-But one should know that DevOps is not a tool, or a software or framework

– DevOps is a Combination of Tools which helps for the automation of whole infrastructure.

-DevOps is basically and implementation of Agile methodology on Development side as well as Operations side.

2 why do we need DevOps ?

To fulfil the need of delivering more and faster and better application to meet more and more demands of users, we need DevOps. DevOps helps deployment to happen really fast compared to any other traditional tools.

  1. Mention the key aspects or principle behind Devops?he key aspects or principle behind DevOps is:-lnfrastructure as a Code-Continuous Integration-Continuous Deployment-Automation-Continuous Monitoring-Security

2 List out some of the popular tols for DevOps?-Git-Jenkins-Ansible-Puppet-Nagios-Docker-ELK (Elastiosearch, Logstash, Kibana)

1) How can you clone a Git repository via Jenkins?
First, we must enter the e-mail and user name for your Jenkins system,then switch into your job directory and execute the “git config”Command.

2. What are the Advantages of Ansible?
Agentless, it doesn’t require any extra packageldaemons to be installedVery low overheadGood pertormanceldempotentVery Easy to leamDeclarative not procedural

1) What’s the difference between Ansible Playbook and Roles?
Roles Roles are reusable subsets of a play. A set of tasks for accomplishing certain role.Example: common, webservers
PlaybooksPlaybooks contain Plays.Mapps among hosts androles.
Example: site,yml, fooservers.yml,webservers.ym.

2) How do Isee a list ofall the ansible _variables?
Ansible by default gathers “facts’ about the machines, and these factscan be accessed in Playbooks and in templates. To see a list of all thefacts that are available about a machine, you can run the “setup” moduleas an ad-hoc action:Ansible -m setup hostnameThis will print out a dictionary of all the facts that are available for thatparticular host

  1. Can we consider DevOps as Agile methodology?
    Of Course, we can! The only difference between agile methodology and DevOps is that, agile methodology is implemented only for development section and DevOps implements agility on both development as well as operations section.

2) What are the advantages of using Git?
Data redundancy and replicationHigh availabiltyOnly one. git directory per repositorySuperior disk utilization and network performanceColaboraion friendlyGit can use anv sort of proiects.

1) How can you define particular space to the file
This feature is generally used to give the swap space to the server.Lets say in below machine have to create swap space of 1GB then,dd if-ldevzero of=-/swapfilet bs=1G count=1

2) what is concept of sudo in linux ?
Sudo (superuser do) is a utility for UNIX- and Linux based systems that provides an efficient way to give specific users permission to Use specific system commands at the root (most powerful) level of the system.

3) what is a Jenkins Pipeline?

Jenkins Pipeline (or simply “Pipeline”) is a suite of plugins which Supports implementing and integrating continuous delivery pipelines

1) What are the labels in Jenkins and where it tends to be used?
Similarly as with Cl/CD arangement should be concentrated, where each application in the association can be worked by a solitary Cl/CD server, so lin association there might be various types of utilization like java, c#, NET and so forth, likewise with microservices approach your programming stack is in exactly coupled for the task, so you can have Labeled in every hub and select the choice Only assembled employments while naimecoordinating this hub, so when a manufacture is planned with the mark of the hub present in, it hangs fight for next agent in that hub of be accessible, despite the fact that there are different agents in hubs.

2) What is the utilization of Blue ocean in Jenkins?
Blue Ocean reconsiders the client experience of Jenkins. Planned from the beginning for Jenkins Pipeline, yet at the same time good with free-form occupations, Blue Oceandiminishes mess and builds lucidity for each individual from the group.|li gives complex Ul to recognize each phase of the pipeline and better pinpointing for issues and extremely ich Pipeline editorial manager for apprentices.

1 want to change the default port number of apache tomcat. How?
Go to the tomcat folder and navigate to the conf folder there you will find aserver.xmlfile. You can change connector port tag as you want.
2) In how many ways you can install the Jenkins?
We can nstall enkins in 3 WaysBy downloading lenkins archive fleBy running as a service Java-jar Jenkins.warBy deploying Jenkins.war to the webapps folder in tormcat.
3) How you wil run, Jenkins job from command line?We have a Jenkins CLl from there we need to use the cur commandcurl-X POST-U YOUR_ USER:YOUR USER_PASSWORDhttp://OUR JENKINS_URL/job/YOUR JOB/build

1) How to access variable names in Ansible?
Using hostvars method we can access and add the variables like below({hostvars inventory hostname|(ansible’ + which_jnterfacel|ipv4|ladres|]

2) what Is Intrastructure as Code?
Where the Configuration of any servers or tool chain or application stack requiredfor an association can be made into progressively elucidating dimension of codeand that can be utilized for provisioning and overseeing foundation componentslike Virtual Machine, Software, Network Elements, however it varies fom contentsutilizing any language, where they are a progression of static advances coded,where Version control.can be utilised so as to follow condition changes.Precedent Tools are Ansible, Terraform

1 Did you ever participated in Prod Deployments? fyes what is the procedure?
Yes l have participated, we need to follow the folwing steps in my point ofviewPreparation&Planning : What kind of system/technology was supposed to run onwhat kind of machineThe specifications regarding the dlustering of systemsHow all hese stand-alone boxes were going to talk to each other in a foolproofmannerProduction setup should be documented to bits. t needs to be neat, foolproof,andunderstandable.| It should have alla system configurations, IPaddreses, system specifications,&installation instructionslt needs to be updated as & when any change is made to the production environmentof the system

1- My application is not coming up for some reason? How an you bring it up?
We need to folow the steps:Network connectionThe Web Serveris not receiving users’s requestChecking the logsChecking the process id’s whether services are running or notThe Application Serveris not receiving user’s request(Check the Application Server Logs andProcessesA network level ‘connection reset’ is happening somewhere
2 Did you automate anything in your project? Please explain
Yes have automated couple of things such as:-Password expiry automation-Deleting the older logfiles-Code quality threshold violations etc

1 – What is the order can be uilized to check the asset usage by docker holders?

Docker delais order can be uilized to check the asset usage of any docker holder It gives the yield practically equivalent to Top direction in Linux, i shapes the base for compartment assef observing instrument like a counsel, which gels yield from docker details order. docker details [OPTIONS] [CONTAINER.]Choices Name, shorthand Default Description all-a Show all olders (default demonstrates simply running)group Pretty-print pictures utiling a Go layoutno-stream Disable spilling details and just draw the main outcomeno-trunc Do not truncate yield

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