Explain Nodes (kublet and container engine.) in Kubernates

Nodes (kublet and container engine.)

Node is going to run 3 important pieces of software/ process.

  1. Kublet
  2. Container engine
  3. Kubeproxy


➢ Agent running on the node.
➢ Listens to Kubernetes master. (e.g-POD creation request) ➢ Use port 10255.
➢ Send success/fail reports to master.

Container Engine:

➢ Works with kublet.
➢ Pilling images.
➢ Start/ stop containers.
➢ Exposing containers on ports specified in manifest.


➢  Assign IP to each POD.

➢  It is required to assign IP address to PODs (dymanic).

➢  Kube-proxy runs on each node and this make sure that each POD will get its own unique IP address. These 3 components collectively called NODE.

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