How to Configuration Management in Chef server

Configuration Management

• It’s a method through which we automate admin tasks.
• Configuration Management tool turns your code into infrastructure
• So your code would be Testable, Repeatable & Versionable.

IT infrastructure refers to the composite of :

• Software
• Network
• People
• Process

Pain points :

• Managing user & group accounts
• Dealing with packages
• Taking backup
• Deploying all kinds of applications
• Configure services

Why Configuration Management Tool?

Why Configuration Management tool ?

• Complete Automation
• Increase Uptime
• Improve Performance
• Ensure Compliance
• Prevent Errors
• Reduces Cost

Why Chef?

Chef is an administration tool. Whatever system admins (Linux/windows) used to do manually,
now we are automating all those tasks by using chef (Any CM Tool)
– Eg: water pots
• Can use this tool whether your servers are on-premises or in the cloud.
• It turns your code into infrastructure i.e your computing environment has some of the same
attributes as your application:
– Your code is versionable.
– Your code is repeatable.
– Your code is testable.
• You only need to tell what the desired configuration should be, not how to achieve it
• Through automation, get the desired state of the server.

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