5 HTML Tricks Nobody Tells you

All web developers have to use HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) extensively, regardless at whichever framework or backed language you choose.

Input suggestions

Use this input back to get useful & relevant suggestions when you are trying to search for something really helpful


<label for="Country">Choose your country:>/label>
<input list="countrys" name="country" id="country">
<datalist id="country">
<option value="India">
<option value="America">
<option value="Europe">
<option value="UK">
Input Suggestions

Choose your Country: India

Base URL

This tag is useful when you have a lot of anchor tags redirecting to a certain URL and all the URLs start with the same base address

The <base> tag should have either h ref or target attribute

<base href="https://www.twitter.com/" target="_blank">

<a href="Elon musk">Elon Musk</a>

Picture tag

The <picture> tag will allows you to add multiple images fitting different widths instead of having a single one scale up & down


<source media="(min-width:650px)" srcset="medium.jpg">
<source media="(min-width:465px)" Srcset="Small.jpg">
<img src="high_img.jpg" alt="Flags" Style="width:auto">

Lazy loading image

This will prevents the loading of images that aren’t really needed on the screen immediately. as you scroll down or closer to the image, the image begins to load.


<img src="image.png" loading="lazy"
width="200" height="200">

Document refresher

This will redirects the user to the provided URL in 4 seconds and then Set to 0 for an immediate redirect.


<meta http-equiv="refresh content="4; URL=URL">

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